Fostering a fruitful mentorship in the business world greatly helps one navigate the murky waters we’re all faced with in our careers. Us real estate folks lean on mentors much more than most because of the sheer complexity, scale, and ramifications (i.e. risk) that comes with a career in real estate. A wrong move for us can often times be an order of magnitude greater than that in other fields.

Think about all the unknowns and facets we must be masters of: finance, marketing, business development, construction, design, sales, etc. Mentorships with seasoned real estate vets helps alleviate some of the pressure that we face when taking on unknowns in our projects and careers.

While the development of a mentorship in real estate is often stressed, many people seek mentors by asking one simple question: How can I find a mentor?

That’s Not Good Enough…

I’m going to put my foot down once and for all. That’s not good enough!

On one hand – it’s a valid question to ask because guys and gals with years of experience in real estate are waiting, sometimes begging, to help us “younger generations.” However, a simple ask for a mentor won’t be the silver bullet to real estate success. There are too many people seeking mentors for the sake of seeking mentors.

But you’re not one of them. You’re serious about real estate. You’ve done your homework. And you’ve come to the realization that you are so excited about the real estate game that you can’t wait to start.

  • Yet, where do you begin?
  • How do you analyze a deal and know it fits your risk profile?
  • How do you avoid the competition to find …read more