Real Estate Agent Investor

As a real estate investor, I know I’m a little weird.

I know I look at houses different than most people. I know I expect a lot out of real estate agents and have a special way of doing things. I know I’ve probably irritated my fair share of agents over the years – especially in the early years.

I also know that a lot of agents simply are not equipped to deal with my “weirdness” and quirks as an investor – and I don’t blame them. Most agents deal primarily with non-investors, are trained by non-investors, and work in brokerages managed by non-investors.

However, I believe working with investors can be one of the best career decisions an agent can make, which is why I wanted to write this guide – to give real estate agents an inside look into the way my mind, as an investor, works so it can help those agents become better at their careers, make more income, and help more people.

If you are an agent, I encourage you to read this whole post (I know, it’s long!) and ask questions at the end in the comments section. My goal is to better equip you to deal with investors so you can take your business to a new level. In this guide, we’ll cover: (click to jump to that section)