Right Way to Invest in Real Estate

Do you know the one “Right Way” to get started investing in real estate?

I gained interest in Real Estate in 2003 – I bought the Carleton Sheets and then after reviewing it I returned it in the 30 day requirement because I was broke and needed my $100 back. No – I didn’t get into Real Estate at that point but that is where it all started.

Fast forward to 2008/2009 and my first attempt which I failed miserably at Real Estate. In 2011 I dipped my toes in again with 1 rental property purchased – for cash this time. I even took it one step safer and rented to my mom and uncle for the first year.

Finally in 2012, 1 year after my “testing the water” phase, I jumped all-in and went from having only 1 property in June of 2012 to acquiring 4 more cash purchases by June of 2013. I dug in and got my hands dirty as needed. When I need to know something – I become obsessed with it and research until I got the answers. I lost sleep at night thinking about Real Estate, calculating numbers, learning how to find private lenders, how to resolve rehab issues, and so on. I only speak on what I personally have experienced or know is fact. If I get a ‘No’ I move on and figure out how to overcome my obstacle.

I’ve learned the hard way and only since July of this year have I been able to network and meet people smarter than me and doing this longer than me because I travel for work a lot. It’s been great and …read more