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No need to waste time this week on getting down to dominating our local real estate market. We all should understand now how important it is to start building that online presence in your local community to get those leads coming in from all sorts of marketing avenues. The only way to do that in my personal opinion is by setting up the foundation and then going out there in the market to dominate.

Last week I talked about the real estate marketing mistake that could be costing you millions over time. That costly mistake was not having a website set up to work for you day and night — so that you can spend time on more important things instead of answering phone calls, etc.

Today, I want to show you how to create a website that will have a chance to dominate any local real estate market. Your eventual website setup will be something so intuitive and brilliant that even Albert Einstein would be proud. Most everything I go over in this blog post will be simple, easy and straight-forward and will guide you to creating the most useful local real estate website in your city.

Notice that I said the “most useful” local real estate website in your city. I never said anything about the best-looking site, which is something that most people fall for. You see, the real estate people who get sold on buying pre-created websites are mostly taken advantage of by people who know little about the marketing side of real estate.

The Basics of a Great Website

Last week I jumped on the big brand real estate companies who give out these horrible websites to their agents and think that they are what supposedly works to close deals. Many don’t understand that those sites are extremely useless when it comes to educating leads about their buying and selling options.

Besides those, most people just go out and get websites set up from all sorts of places. Many of the places I search online have decent ways for you to set up your websites.

They will mostly include the things I find most important, such as:

Great Theme
Good Content
Nice Logo
Contact Information
Opt-in Box
Lead Magnet

You see, most websites you come across are created in this fashion. They are pretty much on point with how I create real estate websites for my clients. They have to include all of the bells and whistles to get the leads to opt in so that we can market and educate them on our services later.

But Wait! Something is Missing

What is missing is the element that hurts about 98% of people who have real estate websites. This little missing element is hurting your business completely when to comes to leads finding you locally and is likely the reason why your market isn’t in the palm of your hand.

In short, the missing element is the “Local SEO Marketing” factor. Many of you may be asking what this is, and why you haven’t been told about this factor when you first started your site.

Local seo marketing is when you go after a targeted local market centered around the keywords that we are trying to dominate. I talk about it in my earliest post about how to find 8,3,00 buyers and sellers in 10 minutes. What I was trying to do was find keywords that I could put into my website as pages in order to get them ranked locally so that I could reap the benefits of getting free traffic.

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Below, you will see the research that I did and the possible keywords that I could be going after.

1,600 – Shreveport Real Estate

1,900 – homes for sale in Shreveport La

1,900 – apartments in Shreveport La

1,300 – houses for rent in Shreveport La

880 – homes for rent in Shreveport La

720 – Shreveport apartments

390 – rent houses in Shreveport La

As I continue to say, if you wish to dominant your local real estate market, you first need the foundation. The website is what will separate you from the rest of the pack, but not only that; it needs to be the right kind of website, which is what I’m looking to help you with today.

Again, local seo marketing is nothing more than creating content-targeted pages centered around your keywords. This can be in the form of blogs, articles, videos and local profiles. Just for today, we are only focusing on the basic website portion of getting your marketing right and ready to capture leads, all on auto pilot.

The Truth about Your Website

Most of the time, if you go out and get a website created by anyone who is not a specialized real estate marketing company, you risk falling into a big bowl of what I call monkey-see, monkey-do.

What I’m getting at is that over the last three or four years, I’ve been working closely with all sorts of people in the real estate industry. What I’ve noticed is that the ones who come to me to analyze their already-done websites are in big trouble.

Meaning, I’ve realized that nearly 95% of all real estate websites, besides the ones coming from the big brand guys (and you know them by name), have the same “SEO” formula going on with them. Now, I know that you might not know what I’m talking about, so let me explain this the best way that I can.

What I’m referring to is the pages on many of these sites that are highly generic. At this time, I’m not even going to talk about how most of them are only static websites that have no blogging platform on them. This is extremely sad, as this kind of site has been outdated since the early 2000’s. Also, those sites are really hard to rank in the search engines due to the fact that they often miss out on tools such as …read more