Invest in Real Estate

My first job out of college was covering state politics for the biggest radio-TV station in Wyoming.

Yes, I had a mustache, fluffy hair and wore a bright orange Polyester blazer with the station’s logo sewn boldly on the breast pocket just like Ron Burgundy, who wouldn’t be created until 40 years later, after I had found other ways to make a living.

I still think of myself as journalist, so when the end of the year rolls around, I don’t do predictions or New Years’ resolutions. Instead, I like to get ready for the year to come by putting into perspective the events of the year past.

We’d probably all agree it’s been a heckuva year. In many ways, real estate investing is a different business than it was 12 months ago, what with hedge funds, disappearing distress sales, rental rates that came through as predicted in most markets and the housing recovery hitting high gear, making it harder to acquire but easier to flip, for those so inclined.

So here are my top ten. Do you agree or disagree? Or perhaps you’ve got some better ones for the list? Chime in with your contributions in the comments section below.

1. Blackstone’s Invitation Homes marketed the world’s first REO-to-Rental bond. Securitization always has been keystone of most hedge funds’ business plans, whether they will admit it or not. Clearly the industry leader, Blackstone paved the way with a $479.1 million security serviced by rent checks from 3,207 properties. (See Pay Day for Hedge Funds).
2.The real estate recovery arrived in force, raising rents, property values and the price of acquisitions. For investors, the recovery was mostly blessing, not a curse. Rising …read more