Donna Head Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent

Donna Head Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent

Hi, my name is Donna Lynn Davies and I am happy to announce I am working at Timothy Real Estate Group and I wanted to tell you a little bit about my life and how I ended up living and working in Puerto Vallarta.

I come from the Los Angeles area and grew up in the San Fernando Valley.  In Junior High and High School I was in Drama and Glee Club and starred in some high school plays and then later did some extra work in movies.

At 16 years old I went to Belgium as a Foreign Exchange Student.  At an early impressionable age I learned a lot about living in another culture and country and since then I felt a need and desire to live in another country.  It was a great experience and something I know I will remember my entire life.  I lived half the time with a family in Antwerp and half the time with another family in the country in a small city named Humbeek not far from Brussels.  I learned some of the language and traditions of this country and the people there.  I really would love to go back there for a visit and see my foreign families, friends and the places I lived and visited.

At 17 I went with friends to Mazatlan, Mexico.  We went there by bus, it took us 35 hours to get there, what an ordeal but we got to see the country and we had a great time when we got there.  When I met the Mexican people along the way and in Mazatlan I was taken with them immediately and how nice and friendly they were and from that moment I knew I wanted to live in Mexico.  I didn’t know where or when but I just knew it in my heart and in my soul.

It did take a while and every time I went on vacation to Mexico, I felt the people and the country tugging at my heart strings.  Finally, when I went on vacation to Cabo in 2002 I finally made up my mind, this was it.  I wasn’t going to magically appear or start living in, I had to make it happen and that is exactly what I did.  I went home, got my house in order, put it on the market and got it sold, it didn’t happen overnight but I was determined.  All my friends and some family thought I was crazy and they had no idea that this was a dream and goal that I have had for a very long time.  But I didn’t want to regret not living my dream, which was a lot scarier to me than sitting at home waiting for something to happen.

Originally I was going to live in Cabo but my plans changed, I chose Puerto Vallarta instead and I have never regretted a single day of it.  Yes, sometimes it can be challenging and learning the language and the people and their culture but I have matured and have a better understanding and I appreciate and love the city and country that I live in.

My wish for anyone reading this and feeling the need and desire to live in Mexico is to do it, get off the couch, and get up and really live your life, don’t waste it, don’t let it pass you by and then when you’re much older saying, “Ah, I should’ve done that, I should have listened to my heart and made that leap of faith.”  It’s worth it, you’ll see!

I have been working in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market for the past 8 years since I arrived.  I’ve seen the good times and I’ve seen the not so good times, but the good news is the market is recovering and it is the perfect time for buyers and investors to get more property for a lot less money than before, whether it’s your dream ocean front condo, the house or villa with an ocean view or developing homes or commercial businesses.  In the past there were a lot of people that felt they were priced out of the market and could never afford to buy something they truly loved in Puerto Vallarta or in Banderas Bay, but that is not the case now and now they are taking advantage of the great saving and getting a fabulous property for half the price in some cases.  You also have many options for financing a property.

Now is the time to live your dream!

Thanks for listening and if you have any questions about making the move, need some advice please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Donna Lynn Davies – Timothy Real Estate Group (044)322-779-9406


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