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Mexico’s real estate market is pulling through the rough economic times, according to President Calderon in a recent speech.  Plus, Reuters recently reported, Mexico’s economy is still on the upswing and may surpass 2010 numbers and a local developer agrees.

“I think it has already rebounded, in my opinion,” says Shawn Kajani, Pinnacle Properties, “You need to understand that the Canadian market is very strong in PV, even though the American market has softened up, but I think the Canadians are picking up the slack, and that will continue for a few years to come.”

It’s not just the economic recovery, but the ability for this developer to change.  Signature by Pinnacle offers a new investment opportunity.

“You need to adapt to the market there is today, and that’s what we have done,” says Shawn.

“This is the sexiest building I have seen in years,” says Taniel Chemsian, Estate Agent with Timothy Real Estate Group, “Every single unit in this project has amazing  views, large terraces, and the gardens just rock.”

“It is a project that is designed and priced according to today’s market,” says Shawn, “Those days of having large units and having a half-million dollar price structure is gone in the Puerto Vallarta market.  I wanted to make sure the building fits in, into the neighborhood, it complements the neighborhood, it increases the property value of all the neighboring properties, so that’s what we have done.  We have designed the building in such a way so that it looks “Puerto Vallarta.”

“A really cool feature the developer is doing is taking out these old stairs off of Olas Altas street and putting in a funicular that’s going to go all the way up to the development as well as re-landscaping this whole side and building brand new stairs,” says Taniel.

“I think it is the responsibility of the developer, if they are doing a project in an area or on a particular street or a neighborhood, to improve the streets, to improve the lighting, to improve the landscaping, and it gives something back to the city,” says Shawn, “I wasn’t forced to do it but I said to myself that we have a project that is in a neighborhood surrounded by old buildings, and the streets need revamping, driving is not necessary if you live in this project, and that also gives something back to the neighborhood, it’s not just for the project, the whole neighborhood can use it, and it’s Pinnacle’s responsibility to maintain it.”

Considering a five-year relationship, Carl Timothy’s Real Estate Group was chosen as the project’s representative.

“Because of his experience, and experience that he brings along with his office,” says Shawn, “He’s done a lot of large projects, and we get along and that’s more important than just getting someone that you cannot do business with.”

Signature by Pinnacle mixes old Mexican charm with modern amenities and is located in the most desirable area of Puerto Vallarta.  Now is your chance to own one of the most unique properties in the Bay of Banderas.

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