There are numerous ways I could tell you to use the holiday time to benefit your investing career.

I could list out some number of specific things you could do, I could tell you to take advantage of other investors not being out shopping for properties or generating leads because they are otherwise occupied with holiday hoopla, or I could tell you to take advantage of seeing all of your family and friends over the holidays and try to poke them on their investing desires and see if you can’t strike up a killer partnership or funding deal with them.

But, I’m not going to. I’m thinking more along the lines of… tell you something you can do over a relaxing night with some eggnog (alcoholic or otherwise), a glass (or 5) of wine, while you rest, and while you kick back and do nothing.

Reflect and brainstorm.


Are you where you’d hoped you’d be with your investing at this point in the year? Whether you are where you wanted to be or not, this is a time to congratulate yourself. This is not a time to get down on yourself for not hitting your goals, if that is the case, or for anything you didn’t do quite as you’d hoped. No matter how much you accomplished, or didn’t accomplish, you need to focus on what you did right.

For everything you did or didn’t do this year towards your investing career, think about the following things in relation to each:

  • Congratulate yourself! Even if you didn’t do something to the level you maybe wanted to, you at least started it. That’s worth rewarding yourself! That’s way more than a lot of people do. If you didn’t start that something, that is okay too. Congratulate yourself for thinking of it in the first place and putting …read more