Virtual Assistants Real Estate

For years, I’ve used virtual assistants (VA’s) for small, mundane tasks that required very little skill. I imagine when most people think about using a VA in their business, it’s usually limited to very simple projects that don’t require much, if any training. While there is nothing wrong with this, I’ve recently become more attuned to the fact that there are many VA’s out there that can be given much more responsibility.

For those investors who haven’t ventured into the world of VA’s yet, what are you waiting for? Hiring capable labor for $3 dollars an hour is now at your fingertips via websites like Odesk and Elance (I also like Freelancer for more technical projects). I don’t care if you’re doing 10 deals a year or 100 …. there are always tasks that can be delegated off of your plate and and onto a VA’s for a third of what you might pay a part-time employee in the U.S.

Once you begin working VA’s and find one that you like, you’ll quickly discover that your level of confidence in what they can do will increase. The more familiar they become with you and your business, the more productive they become and the more responsibility you can give them. I find myself brainstorming with folks in my office about all of the different ways we can utilize our VA’s to help us find more properties.

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