Nice title, huh!? This will probably get more than a few looks and probably some who will not read past this point and think the article is about “spying” on your competition in the “dirty” sense of the word. It is not.

If you want to know what is working when it comes to marketing, advertising and selling, then the best place to go is to any one of your fellow real estate professionals – either persons or businesses – that are having success and research what they are doing. Very few companies are going to tell you exactly what they are doing, so picking up the phone and asking most people or business owners, “what are you doing to have success”, is going to be out of the question. You will come across those in the community that are very open and will help out as much as possible, but I just think that is rare.

More than likely you are going to have to go about figuring out the successful strategies of other real estate companies the old fashioned way: by following their footprints and looking around at the clues. There are more than a few websites out there that will help you figure out what your competition is doing. And remember…it is not always about what they are doing to be successful, but just as important, what are they doing that is not working! Pay attention to all of the tips below, because in some cases, the tip is about figuring out what not to do!

1. Your Competitors Themselves

I want to be real clear on this one. I have told countless numbers of entrepreneurs to go to my website and take some specific notes. How is the site laid …read more