Yes, you did read the title correctly:

what type of house do you want to be?

The reason I ask, is because we need to plan our lives like we would plan a house.

I recently heard a great analogy; when you build a house, everything is meticulously planned out. You have blue prints, cost estimates and a plan of action- but many people spend no time planning their lives. When we plan our lives, how many people take the time to plan out exactly what they want and how they are going to get it?

Our lives are much more important than a house, a job or our favorite hobby, but how many people treat themselves as the most important thing?

If people took the time to plan their lives like they were building their dream house, people would be amazed at the results. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is: “what kind of house do you want your life to be like?”

Do you want:

  • a 1,000 square foot cookie cutter with a car port and a view of the neighbor’s backyard? Or,
  • a 10,000 square foot mansion that overlooks the ocean, with two pools, 20 acres, 15 car garage, beautiful gardens and a staff to take care of it all?

Letting Others Run Our Lives?

The cookie cutter house is easy to build: you walk up to the builder’s little trailer next to the model home and pick your choice of four models. The builder how many bedrooms, baths and what materials will be used. The cookie cutter house can be built in 4 months and you are ready to move in! Is the cookie cutter house what you really want or is what you settled for?

When you have the cookie cutter home built you realize it is too small …read more