It’s always a good time when you can get together with friends and family, far and wide, to play the classic game of Monopoly.

This past weekend, I was able to get my wife and two daughters all together for an epic game. It is amazing how this game can be so fun and satisfying to so many different kinds of minds. You’ve got me: the typical REI guy who thinks naturally about how real estate works. Then you’ve got my wife who has zero interest in the actual real estate business, but has a natural competitive edge, and can drive a hard bargain. And then you’ve got the two girls who want to buy as many properties as possible, and will do ANYTHING to acquire them (foreshadowing of the pre-2008 buyers market?)

The Game

The game starts off as usual. We roll the dice, do a couple laps around the board, and see how the cards fall by pure luck of the draw. I’m thinking that this is going to start getting boring after much longer, but what comes next was actually quite interesting.

I’m observing how everyone is reacting to how things are developing. I actually developed the first monopoly and built houses on the yellow properties. A couple of people landed on them right away, and they began cash flowing quite well. This ended up turning into a buyer craze for everybody else. Everyone had to have monopolies and start building houses, no matter what.

When I saw this, I immediately thought “housing bubble, 2008 financial crisis, SELL, SELL, SELL”.

The girls seriously would have given me their real bank accounts for the 2 monopolies that I had accumulated. So I sold them two totally developed monopolies for some serious cash and payment plans. …read more