What people want in a Real Estate Professional? What traits do they look for to find “the one” agent who is right for them?

Amy Chorew, the vice president of platform development at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, identifies six traits that home buyers most desire from their real estate agents in today’s market. What Today’s Homebuyer Wants

Buying a home is a multifaceted and often confusing transaction no matter how well-informed the buyer may seem. Today’s homebuyer is savvier than ever, having more information than ever before available right at their fingertips.

The buyer of today has educated themselves with data and trend reports on the housing and financial markets, as well as on their own communities.  They know that you are no longer the gatekeeper of information.

As a result, today’s homebuyer requires more than the standard sales pitch.  They anticipate that their agent be attentive, alert and highly attuned to their needs.

Today’s Savvy Homebuyer:

  • Has already done their homework on communities and houses before they come to you
  • Has the ability to recognize authenticity and will not settle for less than an agent who is transparent in their actions
  • Has already researched who you are and has made assumptions about your professional credentials and skills
  • Has a clear picture of what they want and what they think they should pay for it
  • Expects to receive your undivided attention and anticipates you to respond quickly and honestly

To connect with a buyer in today’s market, standing out from the pack is a must.  Understanding their expectations and having a clear picture of what those are is also critical prior to engaging in a transaction.

What Today’s Homebuyer Wants:

  1. Brutal Honesty – Today’s buyer wants to receive news quickly along with an immediate solution or resolution.
  2. Exceptional Service – What do you bring to the table that the buyer cannot learn on his or her own? Are you a community expert? Can you help them objectively prioritize their needs vs. wants? Can you help them take the emotion out of the transaction and interpret the facts?
  3. Clear Direction – When discussing terms of the contract or other important matters, do you give clear direction delivered in a manner that eliminates any guessing on the part of the buyer? Today’s buyer wants your professional advice and will not tolerate being left to figure things out on his or her own.
  4. The Right to Choose – Do you give your clients options with an understanding of how each one affects them?  Today’s buyer does not want to be backed into a corner.
  5. Professional Input – Do you offer clear, concise direction and give unbiased advice that permits your client to make an informed decision?
  6. Sympathetic Ear – Are you sympathetic to your client’s needs, but determined and forceful when they need a little “tough love?”

Today’s buyer looks to their real estate professional for guidance and support.  Evaluate your system, your strengths and your desire to meet those needs.

Author: Amy Chorew – http://bhgrealestateblog.com


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