It’s important for foreign nationals who own a Mexican property under a trust (fideicomiso) to remember to pay your annual trust fees in addition to your annual property tax.

Unlike paying the property tax at the start of the calendar year, the annual trust fee is due on the anniversary of the property owner’s closing date, which is found at the top of the first page of the deed (escritura).

Keep in mind, your trust account number generated by the bank is not the same as your deed number. It may not appear in your deed. You’ll need to obtain your number from your trust bank, in order for the payment to be credited.

Example of deed

Even though one might expect to be notified by the trust bank of your upcoming trust payment, it’s not a guarantee. It’s the property owner’s responsibility to remember and record the dates of all fees corresponding to their property. As such, you should make a note of the due date so as not to risk any late charges. Also, keep your contact information up to date with the trust office by writing the contact below.

An e-mail to the trustee should return all the payment options. Many are now promoting credit card payments. If you have any doubts about the process it’s most recommended to make the payment at the trust office. Your property manager should be adept at making the payment for you. Make sure you receive the payment receipt for your records.

Trust office locations and contact info for the most common trust banks is as follows (as of May 2016):

BANCO DEL BAJIO – Trust Office: Plaza Peninsula

Trustee: Lizeth Cardenas     E-mail:          Tel: (322) 221-2354

Note: Bucerias branch accepts payments


MONEX – Trust Office: Plaza Peninsula

Trust Administrator: Maria Lourdes Jijon Salinas   E-mail: Tel: 322 226 2779


BBVA BANCOMER – Trust office: Plaza Peninsula

Trust Delegate: Alejandro Salazar Garza            E-mail: Tel: 322 221 3494 ext. 18

Note: Branch payments require a special depositary account number in addition to the trust number.


BANORTE – Trust office: Puerto Vallarta Plaza, Fluvial (near Costco) at Francisco Villa #1489

Trust Delegate: Oscar Rodriguez E-mail:    Tel: (322)224 0412

Note: Their branches are adept at accepting payments (visit the executive desk).


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