Real Estate Investor

Have you ever felt like your attempts at real estate investing might resemble a traveling carnival? Add in your family and personal life and you have a full-blown three-ring circus! Only, from your point of view, none of the acts are very good. Ever have that feeling?

I read a book recently called “Juggling Elephants” by Jones Loftin and Todd Musig. Imagine that! I am writing a blog about a book I read and how it relates to business and real estate investing! The book was a short, easy-to-read, eye-opening parable that told an important story for those of us who have more projects in the air than two hands can juggle. Pretty soon the weight of trying to keep everything going can feel like juggling elephants and you know what happens then, right? You get squashed! For real estate investors, or at least for this real estate investor, too many projects in the air at one time can be disastrous not only for my business, but also to my health, my personal life and my family life.

Separating Your Acts For A Three-Ring Circus

If you learn nothing more from reading my articles, hopefully you learn that I have been an entrepreneur for a long time and I have lived the ups, downs and in-betweens of real estate investing. I have also tested my family, missed important events, justified long work schedules, quit social functions and sports teams, missed out on any number of social functions and worst of all, just about bunt-out once or twice. It is so important to allow each ring in your life to function on its own and to receive the spotlight of your full attention. There is a reason that the …read more