Bad Tenant

Sometimes despite your best efforts, despite your best screening techniques, despite firmly laying down the house rules at move in, some tenants will go bad. These tenants appeared fine at the move in, they passed your screening tests and none of the red flags were flying. Suddenly however, they go bad and are now creating a horror story for you, your property and your other tenants.

What do I mean when I say “go bad?” Here are a couple of examples.

They spend a long week-end drinking and yelling at each other which culminates in assault and destruction of property. They stop taking their medications and spend nights screaming at the top of their lungs. They overdose on heroin and the police become involved, kicking in the door and waking up the whole complex at 3 AM.

Unfortunately, these things would not necessarily show up during the screening process. This was their first assault case, so there was no police record. How do you screen for mental illness? And believe it or not, heroin addicts can be quite functional.

8 Tips for Dealing with Bad Tenants

So what to do if any of these or a similar situation happens to you?

  1. First, be calm. Yes the situation may be bad but you are only going to make it worse if you go in half cocked. Spend the evening thinking about the situation. Sleep on it if you can. You will find that you will make a much calmer and rational decision about what to do in the morning.
  2. Review your lease. You have clauses in there about criminal and drug activity being …read more