Vacation Rental

The vacation rental business lends itself to Do-It-Yourself types: we do our own marketing, we fix our own leaks, we handle our own accounting.

But this self-sufficient mentality stands out to me as both our strongest asset and our greatest downfall.

You see, while running a successful vacation rental on our own can be tremendously fulfilling (and profitable), a recent survey shows that neglecting to utilize the help of local property management-type services can also compromise a guests’ stay, thus negatively affecting the success of your rental.

The Survey

Using a Zipinion crowdsourcing poll, I asked 100 people: When staying at a vacation rental with your family, which is more important: (a) A property manager who lives and works in the area or (b) The property’s actual owner who (while they do not live in the area) is available to answer any question promptly by email or phone?

The results

An amazing 67% of respondents chose option “A” citing the following reasons for their preference:

  • Let’s be honest, you always want an onsite or quick-to-contact manager. Especially if you have an issue, you want to know you can have them in person
  • I like the idea of a property manager that I don’t need to worry about offending. They are an agent to the owner, but you can complain and get something fixed without hassling the owners or getting “personal”
  • Makes me feel more comfortable with the manager being (physically) right there in case something happens. Since I’m on my vacation time, I don’t want to have to wait
  • A property manager would be available to stop by if there were any maintenance issues (like the internet going out)
  • I would feel more comfortable talking with a property manager whose professional role it is to take care of and know about …read more