Puerto Vallarta is a well-known retirement and vacation destination and anyone who has ever been here knows why. The cost of living is low but the quality of life is high. There is always a fun activity going on or an event to attend or a place to just do nothing and relax. Puerto Vallarta has it all. The latest article in the Huffington Post chose Puerto Vallarta as one of the top five retirement destinations to pick from for different personality types. This is what the Huffington Post had to say about Puerto Vallarta;

Romantic. That might be the best single word to describe Puerto Vallarta. The city also offers shopping and fine dining, boating and golfing, country clubs and community, gourmet shops and designer boutiques…all alongside a beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean.

Puerto Vallarta could be called glamorous, but the cost of living and of buying real estate here aren’t jet-set. This is one of Mexico’s most sophisticated resort spots, with more cachet than Mazatlán and more chic than Cancún. Walking around Puerto Vallarta, you get that happy, vacation-time feel that successful beach resorts exude.

And that’s the would-be retiree overseas who should consider Puerto Vallarta–the beach-loving soul who likes the idea of retirement as a perpetual, fully appointed vacation.

I think all of us who love Puerto Vallarta can agree, and those that do not, need to come take a look and see for themselves how wonderful Puerto Vallarta really is.


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