Small Advantage

When you’re small, there is much to your advantage.

When you’re small, you’re capable of customizing your business experiences.

When you’re small, you can personally know every investor, bank, tenant, etc. You can afford to do the little things for your REI business that matter.

When you’re small, you can ensure every component of your business is getting the full attention it deserves.

When you’re small, you can see to it that everyone on your real estate team is on the same page as you. And if they’re, not, you can find out why just by asking.

When you’re small, you can change directions easily, because you either feel like it or because new opportunities have got to be explored.

When you’re small you can afford to care about the small things that can separate you from the big. When you’re small, you can pay more attention to the small opportunities that yield big rewards.

When you’re small you have control of your income, time, and mobility.

Once You Get Too big, Everything Changes.

Once you’re big, you can’t keep everything in front of you. You can’t nurture potential opportunities. You can’t know all your employees. You can’t know all of your customers.

You lose the critical feedback loop between your tenants, investors, etc. Vacancy rates go up. Maintenance issues linger. Your properties become boarded-up.

You don’t have enough time or mobility. Your income may go up, but at a cost to your total liability.

Once you go big, you become a slave to your business. Once you go big, there’s no going back.

Getting big implies that there is a trade-off between quality and quantity. Quantity for the sake of quantity.

Small is Great… Big is Dangerous

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