Real Estate Investors

It’s that time of the quarter again at my company where we’re preparing for our next investment round. Once again, I have to endure the self-flagellation that is the “Kenny salesman.” I’m decent at a small number of things, but putting myself out there and asking people to entrust me with their money isn’t one of them. Which is why it’s surprising this is also my favorite time of the quarter.


The melting pot of investors.

Give Us Your Tired

Last weekend, my lovely British wife and I officially submitted her green card application (the wedding was great, thanks for asking, there’s a video of us swing dancing around the world on my personal blog). When I first proposed I was under the naive belief that when we moved back to America, the USCIS would gladly welcome the love of my life. Oh sure, I thought there might be an interview to make sure the the marriage was “the real deal,” but it wouldn’t be a significant inconvenience.

How naive was I?

The problem was I still viewed this country the way I was taught in elementary school. Foremost was the idea immortalized by the words engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

We were a a country of equal opportunity and acceptance. People from every walk of life come together and combining their viewpoints. The early Americans had any misconception it would be a smooth ride, but they believed the end result would be a stronger nation.

In my history book, we called this the melting pot (I remember because it was one of the bolded phrases). We had enough faith in this idea that immigration was encouraged.

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