Yes, another goal article but it is December and you should expect it.

I will try to make this article a little different from the normal goal article about how important they are to help you succeed. To be clear; I think goals are extremely important for success as I wrote about in my Big Goal article. However, part of making big goals is taking the chance that you won’t accomplish all of them or possibly any of them. It is okay if you do not accomplish your goals, the point is not to accomplish goals but to do better than you would have done without goals.

Why Even Set Goals?

The point of goals is to make yourself better.

Goals make you work harder, smarter and make you think of new ways to do things, at least they should. This is why I am a huge proponent of BIG GOALS. If you make little goals that are easy to reach are you really challenging yourself? If I bought 3 long-term rentals in 2013; am I challenging myself if I make a goal to buy to 3 rentals in 2014? I would say no; I already know I can buy 3 rental properties so it is not a challenge to me. I challenge to me would be to buy 6, which is my goal for 2014.

I will have to increase the amount of money I make, increase the amount I save, find a different way to buy properties or do something else different to reach that bigger goal. Having a big goal forces me to improve, change and learn new methods.

Small Goals Promote Complacency

If I were to make small goals …read more