Setting big Goals

I am a huge fan of big goals even though I rarely, if ever, used goals a few years ago.

That is not exactly true – I used goals… but I didn’t know I was using goals and I didn’t use them consciously. I think it is no coincidence that once I started using goals, my life started to take off professionally and personally.

I knew many people that thought goals were a great way to succeed and quite a few of them had told me I needed written goals. I had the attitude that I didn’t need goals, because I was smart enough to get whatever I wanted without goals. I think if I were to analyze myself at the time I was just telling myself I didn’t need goals, because I was afraid of what I would find if I wrote out my goals.

Either I didn’t want to have goals that I would have to work hard for, I didn’t want to analyze my life and realizing I wasn’t living to my full potential, or I didn’t want to make goals for a job I wasn’t crazy about. I think it was a combination of the three and it was easier to ignore things then change them.

A Major Conflict Forced Some Change

I remember the exact moment that I started making goals by accident.

I was working with my father as a Real Estate agent about 7 years ago and I was not happy with how much money someone working for him was making compared to what I was making. I wasn’t overly concerned with how much I was making, but I did think this person was overpaid (FYI this is a really horrible attitude to …read more