Real Estate Future Sinking Ship

Well – I’ve got to tell you that I am in a strange circumstance with the statement which is the title of this article. After all, I am a rather outspoken proponent of real estate as an investment vehicle and have been for years. What am I doing – shooting myself in both feet at once?

Maybe I am, you decide; but, I have to be honest with you about what I see, and not all of it is rosy. The real estate investment game was easier 10 years ago than it is now. Financing was easier, but more importantly the Cash Flow was easier – and unfortunately, I see this trajectory continuing and as such I am sad to inform you 10 years from now this business will be even worse.

Let’s talk about this…

Let’s Agree on the Basics

Generally speaking, all of us agree that real wealth in real estate comes as a result of holding property long-term. I’ve spoken to many investors, and even those who practice the disciplines of fix and flipping or wholesaling generally agree that the end-game is to hold property long-term in some shape or form.

There are two reasons why so many of us agree on this. First of all, while investors can and do make a lot of money by utilizing all types of techniques techniques, in the end we want to retire! But, when we do, we would rather the income to continue coming in – we want Passive Cash Flow.

You nubies out there – listen up:

Seasoned people understand that while business is about money, life is not. Life is about freedom. LIFE IS ABOUT TIME – the most priceless commodity! As such, passive cash flow from property owned becomes important to …read more