Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are expensive, but trying to sell your home yourself may cost you a lot more money.

I am a real estate agent so I may have a biased view on this subject, but I also have many reasons to back up why I think you should use an agent. Of course there is an easy way to have the best of both worlds and become an agent yourself like I discussed here.

The Most Important Reason to Use an Agent

The most important part of investing in real estate whether you are flipping, holding or wholesaling is knowing the value of property. When fix and flipping you need to be spot on with your ARV to make sure you are not paying too much for a property. With buy and holds you need to know if the property you are buying is a great deal or if it is mediocre for the neighborhood. You can’t always tell what values are by the homes that are currently for sale. You need to know what the sold comps are, what concessions were paid, what condition homes were in and any other circumstances. The only way I know how to get all of this information is to hire a real estate agent or become one.

I see posts on the BiggerPockets Forums all the time asking id such and such is a good deal. Real estate values are extremely localized down to the neighborhood or even street. How in the world can someone in Arizona tell you if a house you saw in MLS is a good deal in Northern Michigan? The investor in Arizona may be the best investor in the …read more