Working with Probates

I love the niche of probates, but there are definitely some challenges when working with probates. I can tell you this; if you are willing to do the work to get the leads you will have a great source of business. Unlike some of the other niches and lead sources that tend to dry up from time to time, this will never be a problem with probates (No pun intended).

How do I Get a List?

Getting a list can be challenging to say the least. I am really lucky to be in a state where that isn’t a problem. But that isn’t the case in most areas. Sadly, there is no “one answer that fits everyone”.

Why Is It Such a Problem?

There are over 3300 counties in the United States and each one of those counties has a different procedure for getting the information that you need to work in this niche. When I was first starting out, I just picked up the phone and called my local probate court and asked the question, “How can I get a list of probates for my county”? The person I spoke with was able to give me that information.

If you are just getting started working with probates this is exactly what I would encourage you to do. Just make the call. I have a little disclaimer to make here; you may not get the person that knows the answer on your first call, so be prepared to try again or to ask to speak with someone else in the department.

Also, be sure you have called the probate court. I have had folks email me on numerous occasions to tell me that no one knew what they were talking about only to figure out they had called …read more