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You are the proud owner of a new condo or villa in Puerto Vallarta (and it came furnished.. how perfect), you have a breathtaking view of the beach and the town, the weather is perfect for all the outdoor activities you like to do and you have a great new social group .   Puerto Vallarta is the perfect fit to your lifestyle.  But, something doesn’t feel right, something is off, something is missing: your new house just doesn’t fit like that perfect pair of jeans.


This is a common problem when buying a house that is already furnished.   Everything looked perfect when you saw it but when it came time to actually live in the space you realize that your home isn’t ‘you’ until you add your own personal touches


Many new homeowners seek the help of an interior decorator to guide them through the process and help them narrow down the infinite number of choices.   Making the almost perfect home into the perfect home doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take 6 months of construction time.   You just have to know what is your style and how it can be applied to the canvas that is your new already furnished home.


To narrow down the task (and expense) think about which area of the house is most important to you and then focus your efforts there.   Make a list of your priorities.  Is it the kitchen?  Is it your bedroom?  Is a luxurious bathroom important to you?   Next think about what attracts you most in your favorite room.  Is it the light? (add a window)  Is it color? (paint)  Is it appliances?  (invest in a new set)  Do you love a detailed window covering or do you like an unobstructed view?   Start from what makes you happy about a space and develop your ideas then prioritize them.


Create your budget then see how your preferences fit into it.  What things do you have to have‘new´(sheets and towels for example) and price those into your budget first.  Do you mind used furniture or appliances?  Are there recycled materials available in Puerto Vallarta?    Go through your list of prioritized  items and reprioritize them according to price.  When you know what points are the most important to you then you will end up getting the most bang for your buck because you will spend the most on what counts the most.


For those with no budget… hire a professional to do all the running around and go enjoy yourself at the beach.   There are now  many incredible designers available from here in Puerto Vallarta or from other parts of Mexico.   Unlike years ago when the only style available was ‘Rustic Mexican’ (which fits certain home styles better than others)  we can now get most any kind of furniture delivered from either Mexico City or Guadalajara.   Now whether its Balinese, Moroccan, Modern or Italian.. you can decorate in the style that most pleases you.


Make your new home in Puerto Vallarta fit like that perfect pair of jeans and like those perfect pants you will never want to give it up.

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