When I was looking for a real estate agency to sell my condo, I saw the amazing properties listed on Carl Timothy’s site at:  www.timothyrealestategroup.com.  Although I felt my place was great, I wasn’t sure if it measured up to Carl Timothy’s standards, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to reach out.  What I got was truly the DREAM TEAM OF PUERTO VALLARTA. Which is the mother/daughter team of Stella Leavitt and Dana Leavitt Scapa.  Both of them constantly worked to get the necessary paperwork to push the sale.  They also smoothed over any speed bumps that happens with any sale.  Due to the Christmas holidays, we were running a tad late on getting all of the paperwork, so Carl Timothy, himself, stepped in to help in any way he could with the notary, buyer, seller, and agent, to help make up some time.  Dana and Stella are great problem solvers and go the extra mile to get a sale done not only on time, but a week early!  As an American selling Mexican property, I felt safe in the hands of fellow Americans – Dana Leavitt Scapa and Stella Leavitt.

Thank you,