Start a business

If you are one of those folks who want to starting a business, you are part of a much larger crowd. It is estimated that at least half of the adult population has considered going down the path to entrepreneurship at one time or another. There are also a whole lot of folks in that group that have given some serious thought to choosing real estate investing as their business. If you are here on BiggerPockets that probably includes you.

Why Real Estate Investing?

I think this can be summed up in one sentence.

“People understand real estate”

We all have to live somewhere, and the vast majority of us will end up in a single family home at some point. Because of this, the “house business” is one that most people feel like they can do.

There is another reason too…

Many people are already in related careers. For those folks that are working in the mortgage industry, construction trades, appraisals, or any number of other similar careers, that transition to real estate investing just seems to come naturally.

The Top 5 Reasons for Wanting To Start a Business

If you ask budding entrepreneurs why they want to start their own business, here are the top 5 reasons that come up consistently.

  • They are looking for a better work / life balance
  • They want to be their own boss
  • They dream of turning a hobby into a business
  • They just need some extra cash so they need a “side hustle” to achieve that goal
  • They think their life will suddenly become easier, and they will have more time and freedom.

Getting a Dose of Reality

Any entrepreneur knows that building a business brings no greater joy when things are working. They also know that almost all of them have spent a lot of sleepless nights worrying about that same business. So what is …read more