Dumb Mistakes Real Estate

When I was in college, I decided to lead a prank against the girl’s dorm. Many of the girls had just finished watching The Texas Chainsaw Masacre and headed off to bed. So I gathered a few buddies and snuck into the dorm, tying all the doors shut to the door across the hall. Then, connecting the school’s speaker system to my iPod, we woke the women up to my own created music mix- comprised of chainsaws, screams, and creepy circus music.

It was hilarious…

The girls didn’t see the humor. Panic, terror, and anger gripped the girls dorm. Screaming, crying, praying, and other more “colorful” words soon grew louder than the music we blasted. So we did the respectable thing that any fine young men would do…

We ran and hid.

The chainsaw prank was probably the dumbest mistake I’d ever made. Not only did we almost get expelled, but I personally had to apologize to each and every girl in that dorm.

Oooph – it hurts just talking about it.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that we all make dumb mistakes. It’s part of life. However, it doesn’t need to be your error to learn from a mistake. Just as I’m sure you will now never blast chainsaw circus music to a bunch of college girls because now you’ve learned how dumb the mistake is – hopefully this post will save you from other mistakes as well.

The following are the six dumbest mistakes, in no particular order, that you can make as a buy and hold investor.

1.) Paying Too Much

There is a lot of emphasis around the real estate investing world on getting incredible deals for wholesalers and flippers – and rightly so. These kind of investors need to get amazing deals in order …read more