I am a relatively new blogger with BiggerPockets; I have published 6 articles so far and this will be my 7th.  Even outside of BiggerPockets, I am a relatively new blogger, having written my first article in March of 2013. 

Last January, I was a speaker at an REO conference in Dallas and the panel I was on was focused on social media and it’s role in the REO world.  One of the questions was; do you use blogging in any way and how so?  I answered no, I had never blogged before and at that time, I had never even considered blogging! Additionally, I learned on that panel that it is not so scary to talk in front of a couple hundred people if you have the right attitude.  The point of this story is: things can change incredibly quickly and opportunities can come out of nowhere, if you are looking out for them.

Why Did I Start a Blog?

Early this year, I was talking with my friend about a new business idea I had.  Basically, I knew how hard it was to get mortgages on more than four properties.  I could do it, because I knew a great portfolio lender, but my portfolio lender only loans in Colorado and a few other specific locations in the Southwest.  My first idea was to start my own bank that would lend to investors nationwide who already had four mortgages (I have learned to think big this year).  I found a website with resources on banking and with details on how to start a bank and what would be required.  After a bit of research and realizing I had no banking experience what-so-ever (unless a finance degree counts),  I decided starting a bank was not the right route. 

My second idea was to …read more