which way

I see so many questions in the forums and in general from people just getting started and trying to figure out which route to go with investing. The problem is, it is almost impossible for anyone else to answer that for you. Reason being, no one knows what is best for you better than you do but usually because more so the answer depends on your goals and you may not even know those for yourself yet.

There are a million different ways to invest in real estate. Okay maybe not a million but there are so many ways that I could never list them all out. I probably don’t even know them all actually. There are investing methods that are right for you and the trick is to find them. I’m a big advocate of the best way to figure out your niche is to find what resonates best with you by letting the method find you rather than you find it. Your job is to do as much research as you can, try different things, and constantly push towards succeeding with something and eventually you will fall into a rhythm with your best niche.

What are the basics though? How do you know which avenue to start pursuing in order to learn more ways of investing, especially the less obvious ones? I think it makes the most sense to first look at the most general categories of investing methods, the ones you hear about the most. Start with one of those, continue to pursue that route, and you will gradually learn more and more about related options and you can tweak your system as you go from there.

General Real Estate Investing Methods

What are the most general methods? If I were to pick, I’d say the following categories encompass just about …read more